President - Jeff Archibald

I believe in the value of local climbing resources and the importance of maintaining those resources for both current and future climbers. I have been a long time Access Fund member and have enjoyed climbing at many large and small areas throughout the U.S. Having climbed in many different places, I have seen the value a small group of climbers can make in opening, or keeping open, and maintaining climbing resources. My personal goals for working on the MCA board are to help ensure continued access to the climbing resources in our area and to solicit and identify the priorities of the membership and to work toward making those priorities a reality. My work life includes working as an energy and environmental consultant for the past 25 years.

Vice President - Mick Foot

I have been an active climber for almost 20 years. My family and I moved to New Hampshire in 2000 and I have been a frequent climber at various local crags since that time. In addition to climbing regularly in the area, I have also started up several climbing clubs at local schools (while working there). This includes a middle/high school climbing club for approximately five years at Monadnock and a middle school climbing club at Winchester.

In the time that I have been here, I've seen a variety of climbing resources come and go (and come back again - or not). I applaud the MCA's focus on maintaining access to local climbing resources by forging positive relationships with the various land owners and agencies. I would be happy to be part of the MCA's mission to ensure that these relationships continue to be nurtured for the benefit of the climbing community.

Secretary - Nick Sintros

I have been a climber for about 18 years and have enjoyed the outdoors my whole life. I grew up in Gilsum and Keene and now live in Alstead. I’ve climbed in most of New England, New York, Colorado, Utah, North Carolina, West Virginia, Wyoming, Canada and Mexico. I love exploring our local crags as well and always have my eyes open for new things to climb. I hope to be able to make a positive impact for the climbing community not only for the current generation of climbers but for future climbers as well. This is especially true with the recent birth of my son who I hope to be able to share and enjoy climbing with one day.

Treasurer - JC Woodward

I started climbing at The Gunks in 1994, and climbed there almost every sunny Monday until retiring to the Keene area in 2013. Multi-pitch trad is my thing, and some career highlights include High Exposure and Bonnie's Roof at The Gunks, Moby Grape on Cannon, Castleton Tower outside Moab, and many more moderate routes at Joshua Tree, Red Rocks, the Tetons, Rumney and other areas.I've also been a member of the Access Fund almost since its founding and feel strongly that those of us who have derived so much from climbing have a personal obligation to give back to the sport. We have a duty to minimize our impact on the natural settings where we climb and to preserve landowner relations so that others will be able to have the same experiences that we have enjoyed. Experienced climbers everywhere can make a significant contribution to the sport simply through leading by example to teach newcomers how to tread lightly and climb responsibly.

My involvement with Monadnock area climbing began with leading the after-work group at Bears Den State Park last summer and I hope to enjoy long relationships with the many fine people I have met through climbing since moving to New Hampshire.

At Large Board Member - Rebecca (Becky) Barrett

Born and raised in Keene, NH on a dairy farm that is now a golf course. I have always been one who enjoys being active and outdoors whether it be hiking, biking, gardening or golfing. I didn’t learn to rock climb until I was 60 years old and ice climb until I was 61. For me it is another way to challenge myself and keep the inner fire alive. I am hoping my skills as a relative newbie to the sport provides a different perspective for the board and an invitation/inspiration for more people to try something new.

At Large Board Member - Eric LaRoche

I got into climbing in the strangest place, the flat land of Columbus, Ohio. While missing my native land of NH I needed to find an activity that would get me outside and exercising. Climbing sounded like a good idea since it looked fun but it was also low impact to save my knees. There was a climbing gym in the city and I managed to drag a friend along to give it a shot, I joined the gym after the first session. Eventually I hooked up with more experienced climbers and started sport climbing and taking trips to Red River Gorge in Kentucky. While there is an abundance of climbing in surrounding areas there are just a handful of places in Southwest NH in fragile situations which the MCA is working hard to secure and I look forward to what can be accomplished.

At Large Board Member - Jen Dickinson

I have been ice climbing for about 8 years, rock climbing for about 4 years and enjoy being outdoors no matter what the season. I grew up in Vermont and I have been living in New Hampshire ever since I went to college. I am currently a committee member for the New Hampshire Mountaineering chapter of the AMC and working towards completing courses to be an ice climbing leader. I recently graduated from Antioch University with a master’s degree in environmental science. While in grad school, I worked in environmental education, I worked as a summit steward on Mount Monadnock and I conducted my thesis research on rare alpine plants of the Presidential Mountains of New Hampshire. I hope with a background in climbing, conservation and outdoor education that I can help to build a positive and supportive community, as well as helping to preserve the beautiful climbing areas of southern NH.

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