Board Meeting Minutes 4/21/20222

Present - Board

Nick Sintros

JC Woodward

Jeff Archibald

Mick Foot

Jen Dickenson

Eric LaRoche

1. Update on Marlow - anyone learn anything? feedback from Rick or Ryan?

  • Nobody was able to find anything out

  • Mick will go out in the next couple weeks to cover the chopped bolts with epoxy and rock dust

  • Rick said we could put signs up if we felt it was necessary. We agree to leave it be for now.

2. Hewes Hill parking lot update: any info from John, or Town of Swanzey?

  • JC will make a call to the town to see if a permit is needed for the parking lot work. He will also contact the Monadnock Conservancy regarding the easement.

(Domina’s either have or as land owners, as stated by Cheri and Chris Domina.)

3. Earth Fest

  • We will share info with people and offer sign up and t-shirts to people that sign up.

  • Bring Todd Swain books to sell?

  • Jeff has a table and some chairs to bring

4. Marlow item from Jeff

  • Jeff presented an email that was previously sent out to a few members of the local climbing community. He crafted an email response and made a motion to send his response on behalf of the board. JC seconded. unanimously approved

Future agenda

  • Crag feedback section of the page

  • Crag info pages

  • Make sure we have all contact info for crags etc.

  • Board roles document

  • Filling board positions