1/8/23 Board Meeting Minutes

Present - Board

Jeff Archibald

Nick Sintros

Eric LaRoche

JC Woodward

Becky Barrett

Mark Meany

Mick Foot


Rob Koning

Fall Mountain

What is the path forward for climbing here? Mike Morin from Access Fund is in favor of a proactive approach and possibly purchasing the property. What are the constraints to purchase using Access Fund loans/grants? Parking? Offer the power company free easements which would remove their tax burden.

Jeff made a motion. Is there enough interest to move forward with gathering information to make a purchase of Fall Mountain. Mick seconded. Unanimous vote.

Do we approach Monadnock Conservancy about purchasing the property?

Talk to Mike Morin about loan requirements

Then approach National Grid.

Insurance? Does WMCC have insurance for Hanging Mountain? What other general liabilities or exposure does WMCC face in owning a cliff?

A question to address is what are the long term financial obligations of owning such a property that has been put into a conservation easement.

Jeff to ask Monadnock Conservancy if they have any interest in the property.

Hewes Hill trail work day, maybe in April or May.

Jeff made a motion to set up a trail work day at Hewes. Unanimous vote

Earth day table, April.

Jeff made a motion to have a table at the Earth Day event. Mick second. Unanimous vote

Install Hewes Hill kiosk.

Jeff made a motion to pursue installing a kiosk. Nick second. Unanimous vote

Install Bear's Den kiosk.

The State has finally decided on a kiosk design plan. They will provide materials if we volunteer to install it.

Jeff made a motion to install a kiosk at Bear’s Den. Becky second. Unanimous vote

Hold an in person general meeting in April or thereabouts.

This would be a large meeting for members to attend and also discuss voting on board member positions.

Jeff made a motion to hold a general meeting and election. Mick second. Unanimous vote

Survey MCA members and Cheshire Climbers group about Keene State College climbing wall.

Send a survey to members of the MCA as well as to the Cheshire Climbers group about interest in the possibility of a climbing gym at Keene State.

Jeff made a motion to survey members. Mick seconded. Unanimous vote

RR cut cleanup and water course clearing. Coordinate with Trail Riders and possibly Monadnock Cycling.

Rob suggested the NEMBA may be a better contact than Monadnock Cycling.

Jeff made a motion to coordinate with Trail riders and possibly Monadnock Cycling. Mick seconded. Unanimous vote.

Monadnock Trails Week climbing day, July

There is concern that there may not be enough benefit to the MCA in participating in this event. This likely won’t be on our priority list this year.

Continue discussion/planning for enhancing trail at climber's left at end of Hewes Hill.

Not really on the priority list for this year with other projects. This trail may be on neighbors property and would require permission first as well as planning, materials, and quite a bit of labor.

Add crag info to MCA website.

Rob offered to provide content that he already has from work on his guidebook.

Jeff made a motion to add more crag info to our website. Mick second. Unanimous vote.

Richmond - JC seems to be on top of this. Is there anything we need to do?

JC spoke to the caretaker and got permission to send the landowner an email. He emailed the landowner but never heard back. A couple months have passed since emailing. The no trespassing signs are on a different property. Without response from the landowner there isn’t much we can do here.

Stone Arch Bridge - cleanup and vegetation management. Trail hardening? Coordinate with Pathways of Keene. Mick said he knows Frank at Pathways of Keene.

There are several issues here, poison ivy, trail erosion etc. There is also a plan to install a new bridge over route 101 to connect with the stone arch bridge. There is concern that with that project it would be possible that access would be cut off to climbing due to fencing etc.

Jeff made a motion to pursue further investigation into doing projects here such as clean up and trail work. Mick second. Unanimous vote.

JC knows a retired MD who has experience in training medical professionals in doing field care. He is developing a course for laymen climbers rather than professionals. He has proposed to offer the course similarly to Don’s course he offered.

Jeff made a motion. Do we want to pursue this as an event to sponsor. Mick second. Unanimous vote

Jeff voted to adjourn. JC seconded. Unanimous vote.