Board Meeting Minutes 3/27/2022

Present - Board

Nick Sintros

JC Woodward

Jeff Archibald

Tom Sintros

Mick Foot

Jen Dickenson

Ben Greene

1. Crag drafts

Exclude Fall Mountain for now until we talk with Mike from Access Fund.

Jeff will take a first read through of all documents and then send to the group after compiling

2. KSC

Tom went in to handle paperwork and fee for receiving mail etc there.

3. Insurance.

Tom paid

4. Hewes/Access Grant (MC also)

We got the grant from Access Fund to do upgrades at Hewes parking, kiosk etc.

Monadnock Conservancy - someone was stuck and said she would help fund the repairs necessary to the parking. Ryan said if we needed more funds beyond the grant that they would be able to help.

Tom will speak with the Dominas about timing to meet and come up with a specific plan for the parking issues.

5. Earth Fest

We have a spot assigned near Railroad Sq. April 23rd rain date is the following Saturday.

6. Elections

Becky Barret will run for at-large, JC for treasurer, Jeff for Vice President.

7.Check in(state stuff, etc.)

AMC and State trainings for chainsaw cert, trail building etc. Tom will continue to pursue communication with forest service

8. RR Cut Clean up(trees)

Mick is planning to try next weekend. A group of board members will meet Sunday April 3rd at 9am to clear down trees on the approach tail and look at getting posts in for kiosk.

9 Board of directors roles - Nick shared an edited document to the board with comment access to have any edits before we vote at a future meeting to amend bylaws.