MCA Board Meeting Minutes 5/8/18

Post date: Aug 1, 2018 5:24:36 PM

Present - Board

Tom Sintros

Nick Sintros

Jen Dickenson

JC Woodward

Eric LaRoche

Mick Foot

By-laws/Mission revision - Some concern has been voiced about the organization creeping away from our mission to become a climbing club vs. land access. We don’t currently have a crisis which seems to be a reason for members not being involved. Do we change our mission/purpose to involve more activities/training

Mission(Also Article 2) - The Monadnock Climbers’ Association (MCA) is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer climbers' organization that works to build cohesive relationships with landowners, conservation groups, advocacy groups, and state and local governments to keep climbing areas open and conserve the climbing environment in southwest New Hampshire and surrounding areas. And build a strong local climbers community. Not voted on.

Purpose- No Changes


By-law revision

Article 6 Section 1C - Change to- All officers shall serve a term of 2 years. President and Secretary terms alternate by 1 year from Vice President and Treasurer.

Nick makes a motions Mick seconds. All voted in favor.

Member survey/involvement - Discussed membership expiration. Record keeping is difficult with the joint and MCA only membership

    • Ideas to promote activities

    • Answer questions about insurance coverage

    • Areas members are concerned about

    • Do members want more group climbing/activities

    • New crags and areas such as Fall Mountain

    • Group trips to EVO, Bratcave or Central Rock

    • “Bio Blitz” tours of crags

    • Does WMCC or AMC have info to share regarding the one time liability insurance etc.

    1. What areas are you concerned about

    2. Would you be interested in more offerings of outings.

      1. Is weekly too often for emails or would you prefer more or less frequent for emails?

    3. Would you be willing to facilitate/lead an after work or weekend climbing event (what’s the liability of this?)

    4. What kinds of climbing events are you interested in? weekend/half day.

    5. Are you interested in group trips to gyms?

    6. Are you interested in non climbing offerings. Beer drinking, hiking, touring of climbing areas.

    7. Are there areas you have climbed or are aware of climbing areas that we should work on climbing access.

    8. What would you like to see the MCA doing? What did we miss?

    9. What would get you involved?

Monadnock Conservancy - Tom tried to get in touch with Ryan Owen about blazing trail at Marlow. Kroka did some clean up. Tom will reach out to Ryan again.

Swanzey - Domina Family - We will schedule a meeting with them possibly in August to discuss issues their. Including kiosk, anchors and issues of dead trees.