Board Meeting Minutes 2/13/2022

Present - Board

Nick Sintros

JC Woodward

Jeff Archibald

Tom Sintros

Mick Foot

Jen Dickenson

Erica LaRoche

Cataloging who is or has developed local crags.

Gather information on each location. Maintain institutional knowledge. Future board can reference for planning etc. Long term goals if any. Using some of this information to post on our website for basic beta on parking, acceptable use etc. Possibly approach Rob to use his information for this. JC will ask Rob for permission about using certain sections on his book for the web site in writing. We ended up not asking Rob just dividing the crags up for info.

Put out a call for pictures of these crags for the web site.

Prioritize crags - Each member will compile info for each crag. We will discuss and edit at our next meeting.

  • Fall Mountain - JC

  • Hewes Hill - Eric

  • Marlow - Jen

  • Bears Den - Mick

  • Railroad Cut - Tom

  • Cheese Cut - Jeff

Use WMCC site for reference

Standards of behavior

Nick will use the VMBA document as a guide to pair down to items that pertain to us and share for future meeting.

Discussing next steps and/or long term goals at each crag.

Hewes Hill - Tom will set up a meeting for hopefully late April

  • Parking

  • Kiosk

  • Trees?

  • Trail updates

Railroad cut

  • Kiosk

  • Tree clearing/clean up Fall Mountain

  • Parking

  • Future trail to connect possible parking on the South end to North end climbing Bears Den

  • Kiosk

  • Trail connecting to Calhoun.

Access Fund conservation grant to get some funds for parking and materials etc.

Jeff will look into this.


April 23rd. Rain date April 24th. Updates to come as this gets closer

Next board meeting March 27th 7:30pm Sunday.

Board will have basics for crag info to go on the website ready for this meeting.

Tom will try to have something set up with Dominas and EarthFest by this date. Jeff will work on Access Fund grant.

Remind members to have names in by the 27th to get on the ballot voting to be completed April 3rd.