MCA Board Meeting Minutes 11/21/17

Post date: Nov 24, 2017 1:04:07 AM

The MCA Board Meeting Minutes 11/21/17

Present - Board

Tom Sintros

Nick Sintros

Andy Felegara

Jeff Archibald

Bob Bedaw

Nick will contact Brendan at the KSC outing club to check on projection and computer.

Nick will contact Access Fund about event pricing for membership

Tom made motion to accept Ken’s resignation Jeff seconds. All voted in favor

Tom will email board about flling Treasurer position. If position isn’t filled by an existing board member we will have to put it out to membership.

Bob made a motion to nominate JC Woodward for the board alternate position. Andy seconds. All voted in favor.

Nick will create board email account for JC.

Jeff talked about ideas for listing and keeping track of resources for local crags and projects/planning. Nick will setup Google Team Drive to start creating a collection of info.