Meeting Minutes 11/11/2019

The MCA Board Meeting Minutes 11/11/2019

Present (Conference Call)- Board

Tom Sintros

Nick Sintros

Mick Foot

JC Woodward

Stone Arch Bridge update - Tom spoke with City, State and historic people involved. DOT owns the bridge. City of Keene is considering buying the land and turning it into a park in about 2 years. City advised to be very cautious about doing anything because if anything is brought to the State’s attention they would shut the whole thing down to everything, even foot traffic. Anything beyond what is currently happening for climbing will just draw attention.

Hewes update and plan - Mike Morin believes that doing a walk through will bring attention to the dissent in the climbing community possibly. Consensus seems to be to leave it be for now.

Treasurer report - $1935 current balance

Movie/social update - Mick will investigate the cost of licensing.

Holt's Ledge update - Mike Morin let us know about the new Director of Dartmouth Outing Club and visited Holts and they are very excited about using Holts for training on anchor building and bolting etc.

Access Fund is going to offer training for trail building, specifically steeper terrain. Will be in Conway. TBD. Possibly next summer.