MCA Board Meeting Minutes 1/24/2019

Post date: Jan 26, 2019 2:03:42 PM

Present - Board

Tom Sintros

Nick Sintros

Jen Dickenson

Jeff Archibald

Eric LaRoche

Mick Foot

JC Woodward


Lew Shelley

Q To C - $1200 back to cover materials for Railroad Cut Bridge

Insurance - Hadlocks says that the company we are getting our liability insurance from doesn’t do liability insurance anymore. New coverage is now $700. We must have this coverage to continue working NH Parks for Bears Den, Railroad Cut and Monadnock. This does allow us to run outings. Tom motions to pay for insurance, JC seconds. All voted in favor.

Work Done - Met with Chris Domina and looked at top anchors possible. Two flat bridges at Railroad Cut and big bridge at trench crossing. Snoriders put up signs.

Schools etc - Dublin School - Tom and George went to check holds and put up new ropes. May be an option for MCA members.

Gilsum School, Kroka (Morgan has contacted Tom with dates), and Compass School possible outing options coming up.

Bears Den to Calhoun trail- Delayed due to possible natural resource concerns etc.

Movies- look for short movies or speakers to show a member meeting(free). Longer movie for a ticketed (fee) movie night.

Member Meeting - March 27th 6pm Antioch

MCA Movie Night - May 2nd TBD

Ice climbing outing - Offer outing to MCA members this season. Feb 16th meet at Elm City Bagel 9:30am

Jeff presented a draft of crag summaries, including location, access, etc. Meeting to discuss in more details to follow. Template for baseline and future work/reference.

Prioritize properties based on member survey. Jeff will send spreadsheet to board to start filling info in for each property.