Board Meeting Minutes 9/5/17

Post date: Sep 10, 2017 12:58:15 AM

Board Meeting Minutes 9/5/17

Present - Board

Tom Sintros

Nick Sintros

Eric LaRoche

Bob Bedaw

Andy Felegara

Jeff Archibald

Ben Greene


JC Woodward

Concerns about posting info regarding Bears Den and others areas.

Tom spoke about concerns related to board email thread and posting route info online and in print. Tom contacted Patrick and Patrick’s opinion is that it would be a good idea to not post info at this point for Bears Den until things are clearer. Ultimately this is Tara’s call. Patrick suggests anyone that wants to do any sort of guide should contact Tara directly.

Eric- We can request route info is withheld from Mountain Project.

Board Resignations

Resignations must be in writing.

Upcoming event planning, trail work, PR, etc.

    • Trail Day Bears Den 24th - Patrick has requested we brush in the old trail.

    • Tom will talk to Rick to schedule another day at Marlow

    • Eric will schedule a post to go out a week before on Facebook

    • Bob is contacting Tara and Patrick about putting out PR for trail day

    • Tom will contact the Sentinel after the State approves.

    • Nick will send another email to membership and KSC Outing Club contact

    • Ben will contact Sno Riders for more info.

Strategic plans for Allen Mine and Cheese Cut

Nick sent JC map locations to start looking at land owners for these two locations. Mick Foot has expressed interest in helping with Allen Mine.

Tom has previously had a conversation with the Allen Mine land owner. He was concerned about liability coverage.

Grants, where we are at.

Waiting for receipt from MC to request reimbursement for Q to C grant.

Tom will ask about using some funds to cover insurance

Communication and mission, how to involve members more effectively -

List on website crags that we oversee and the owners wishes as we know them. Eric will write up for next meeting.

List areas on Mountain Project?

Quarterly newsletter? Tie in with sponsors

Tom makes a motion that the board will relay open climbing events as a community event that is not sponsored by the MCA. Ben seconds. All voted in favor (Jeff was not present for vote)

Annual "giving" campaign/sponsors/donors, etc.?

Send membership notice after our upcoming trail events etc. Set a fundraising goal after getting finance info from treasurer.

Sponsors - EMS, Badger?

Other(Sykes-Shimberg?) Andy will contact Sykes about specific timing and cost.

Next Board meeting October 3rd 7pm Antioch.