Board Meeting Minutes 5/8/2022

Present - Board

Nick Sintros

JC Woodward

Jeff Archibald

Jen Dickenson

Tom Sintros

Becky Barrett

Mick Foot

Eric LaRoche


Kim Smith

1. Board member role document that Nick adapted from the mtn bike group

Tabled until the rest of the board has time to review.

2. Adding a place on the MCA website so people could provide feedback on the conditions of trails and bolts or other issues

Nick will add a link to “Report an issue” on the home page of the web site.

3. Formally accepting Tom's resignation. Although I'm not sure we have a firm date for that yet.

Tom will wait until the Hewes Hill grant is complete. JC will take care of transitioning some of the documents for bank, insurance etc when the resignation actually happens.

4. Next steps for posting the crag write ups.

Jeff will share with the board the info he has so far with the to make any final revisions before posting on the web site.

5. Hewes Update

Tom talked to Cheri a couple times today and this week. The town has an issue about the max of 25’ wide driveway cut. Cheri has talked to the town that it isn’t really a driveway but roadside parking. They will allow parking in front of the gate except during haying times. The grant provides for some signage during this project. JC spoke with Rick from the MC and forwarded to Alex Metzger. The MC does approve of the improved recreational parking. They would like a sketch. Tom will contact them about this.

6. Marlow chopping/MCA statement

Note that sometime in the winter or early spring of 2022 the practice anchor bolts below the Sunny Slab area have been cut and the hangars removed by an unknown party. Also, the first bolt on "Inside Straight" which is below a small overhang, has been cut and the hangar removed. Actions like these could jeopardize climbing access in the area.

NIck made a motion to post this statement. Tom seconded. All voted in favor.

7. Forest Society contact

Jeff had a conversation with Andy to do a climbing day on the Billings Fold sometime in July, possibly the 23rd. AMC could provide equipment needed. Nick voiced concerns of insurance coverage and liability for this type of activity vs. trail work coverage.

8. AMC - NH and NY/NJ chapters.

Organizing a climbing festival together at Rumney. Clinics will be for women, BIPOC as well as other all inclusive clinics and events. Mick made a motion to post info on our web site. Jeff second. All voted in favor.

8. Earth Fest summary

A lot of people were interested in Wednesday climbing. Jeff will send an email to these people to encourage them to join MCA and Access Fund.

9. Monadnock Conervancy

10. Board openings.

Send email to membership about 2 open positions. Nick made a motion that upon Tom’s resignation that Jeff will become interim president and Mick will become interim vice president to complete the term for those positions. Tom seconds

11. Bridge Building

JC’s apology to Jen for comments at previous board meeting.

Request of statement showing MCA board support over Rob’s attack over Marlow. Voted down

Next Meeting

June 8th 7:30 in person (for board only) at KSC and remote option for board and members.