Board of Directors Role

Summary of the Role

The MCA Board consists of 5-10 directors elected by the members of MCA to work as a team to follow the mission of the MCA.

Board Diversity

MCA is committed to building a diverse board of directors in both demographics and expertise. Board participation isn’t attached to climbing ability in any way. MCA is eager to build a board that shares a passion for the grand outcomes that accompany collective achievement.

Essential Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

Periodically review the goals and objectives of MCA;

Establish, review and approve changes in the programs of MCA consistent with its mission;

Oversee and approve the budget of MCA and establish policy guidelines for management of endowments, grants, membership dues, all investments and major fund-raising efforts;

Authorize the purchase, management and sale of all assets and material possessions and equipment for use by MCA;

Authorize any changes in membership fees;

Authorize officers or agents of MCA to solicit and/or accept gifts or bequests on behalf of MCA;

The Nature of Directors’ Authority

The Board’s authority exists only as a group when formally convened with a quorum. Individual Directors do not have individual power to make decisions or speak for the Board in a way the Board did not already authorize.

Core Duties and Expectations

Consistently attend board meetings.

Help the group make good decisions by absorbing information, asking relevant questions, and expressing our views and concerns with the group during discussion.

Speak with one voice, upholding the decisions of the Board and MCA and representing them to members whether or not the decision was the one that you most preferred.

Maintain strict confidentiality of information learned as a Director, such as organizational strategies, land owner information, etc.

Attend MCA’s Annual Meeting.

Make an effort to attend other major MCA events and events related to our work.

Skills and Capacities Needed

Our Board meetings run for one to two hours; Directors must be able to participate for that long in person or remotely. Board meetings occur at least quarterly, but additional meetings are often scheduled.

We do our work in English. Directors must be able to speak and comprehend it fluently.

We need excellent listening skills, clear and effective speaking skills, the ability to absorb complex information, and skill at presenting information and answering questions from members and other stakeholders.

We must be able to interpret financial reports and related mathematical information.

We must be able to reason from facts, evaluate practical problems, and process a range of concrete and abstract variables.


MCA benefits from having Directors with a wide range of life experiences and areas of knowledge. Though all individuals with a passion for climbing and the outdoors are

welcome, experiences and knowledge that can strengthen the Board include marketing, fundraising, finance, nonprofit management, and/or DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) work are preferred.