Letter from the President

Post date: Jan 27, 2018 1:04:54 AM

Letter from the President? Really?

MCA is NOT a “drink the Kool-Aid” organization.

This is the first ever letter to our membership from me, Tom Sintros. Monadnock Climbers Association is now almost two years old, officially, but was in the minds of a handful of people for many before that. We started with an extremely successful intro meeting that drew over 30 people. Folks visiting from the, well established, WMCC, commented that this was amazing. They had 4 people at their first few meetings drinking beer and just talking about it. We are now over 60 members strong and growing. We have already forged strong partnerships with the State, Monadnock Conservancy, the local Snowriders Club, landowners, open space groups and other local climber’s associations as well as a recognized partner with the ACCESS Fund.

We are very proud of the background and behind scene work that has been done by all involved and I thank each and every one of you.

The climbing community and the community surrounding the activity of climbing is extremely diverse, we all have our preferred positions and attitudes as to what constitutes climbing, climbing ethics, etc. The purpose of MCA was to create a “community of climbers” not to agree and “drink the Kool-Aid” in agreement with each other but to form a group where these differences can and will be supported by all. In the most recent issue of “Rock and Ice”, there is a story “The Saver”,p.20-26, that profiles the start of the ACCESS Fund. Thoughts very much parallel this letter.

What we can do is listen to each other, not get into the “Mountain Project”, at times, horrible exchanges and have some honest and understanding discussion with the hopes of making a difference. Let’s all help the entire community thrive.

Thanks for, I hope, at least reading this. I hope I have shared why MCA formed and how we can all move forward and grow together

Peace and love to all, and Happy New Year Tom

By the way, I always include my number so if you have any comments or thoughts, give me a call.


P.S. Don’t forget to renew your membership, get a friend or two to join and think about a “joint membership” with the ACCESS Fund.

Also, while I know climbers would rather just be out there climbing, I strongly encourage you to find your own way to be involved with MCA. The continued success and growth depends on a healthy input by all members. Bring your ideas to MCA’s attention, put yourself out there, be part of the community.