The Monadnock Climbers Association (MCA) is a local non-profit volunteer climbers' organization that works to build cohesive relationships with landowners, conservation groups, advocacy groups, and state and local governments to keep climbing areas open and conserve the climbing environment in southwest New Hampshire and surrounding areas.

**Note that at Marlow Profile, sometime in the winter or early spring of 2022 the practice anchor bolts below the Sunny Slab area have been cut and the hangars removed by an unknown party. Also, the first bolt on "Inside Straight" which is below a small overhang, has been cut and the hangar removed. Actions like these could jeopardize climbing access in the area.**

If you discover any issues at any of the local crags please use the button below to report the issue to us.

Access Fund Donations Matched Through 12/19/22

Climbing areas across the country are facing some pretty serious threats like increasing floods and wildfires from climate change and development threats from private land developers and the extractive industry. And our collective impacts are adding up as more climbers, and other recreational groups get out on the land. These are big issues no individual climber can solve on their own, but that's why @accessfund and Monadnock Climbers Association exist.

In case you didn't know, it's super easy to donate to Monadnock Climbers Association and @accessfund at the same time. Just head to the donation form at the link in our bio and be sure to select Monadnock Climbers Association from the drop-down menu.

Right now is one of the best times to become a joint member because @blackdiamond has come forward to match all donations to @accessfund to help protect and conserve more local climbing areas across the country. Your donates to Access Fund and Monadnock Climbers Association have helped us:

. Improve and expand parking at Hewes Hill

. Put up safety signage at the Railroad Cut

. Trail maintenance at our most popular crags

Donate now if you care about keeping Monadnock region crags open, protected, and conserved for current and future generations of climbers. 👉DONATE NOW at

News & Updates

Hewes Hill Parking - Through a grant from the Access Fund we have been able to make improvements to the parking on Warmac Road for Hewes Hill. John Tarmey generously donated his time operating his machinery and trucking to clear additional parking spaces and bring in material to improve the drainage and parking surface. Thanks to the Domina Family for working with the MCA on this project. The Domina Family has also granted permission to park in front of the gate when they don't need access to the field for haying. There will be a sign posted on the gate when this is necessary.

Fall 2021 - AMC Community Ascension Project (CAPS) hosted an event at Marlow Profile. Please see their statement regarding this event.

June 17-19 2022 - The AMC NY/NJ and NH chapters are hosting a climbing festival at Rumney. "Rumney Together Climbing Festival". Rumney Together is an intimate, homegrown-grassroots inclusive climbing festival and meetup with a focus on underrepresented communities. Check it out here.

Board Openings - There is currently one opening on the board with a second opening pending. If you are interested in becoming involved please use the Contact Us form to get in touch.