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Board Meeting Minutes

MCA Board Meeting Minutes 10/10/2019

posted Oct 14, 2019, 4:15 PM by Nick Sintros

Present - Board

Tom Sintros

Nick Sintros

Mick Foot

Jeff Archibald

JC Woodward

Ben Greene - Phone in


George Adams

Update of work at Hewes and what still needs to be done - To do Kiosk. Ben has wood and plans. Write grant through Access Fund for parking lot updates. 


Movie/social night - DirtBag or Dawn Wall. Mick will investigate


Membership update and ideas, web, etc.  - All voted in favor to switch to AccessFund joint memberships only. Still have the option to join MCA for free but no direct join for pay to MCA. Access Fund will manage all pay membership.


Marlow property - trail blazing and cleanup of trails. Mick will try to go weekend of October 12-13th. 


Treasurers report : JC will send out an update of MCA funds


Railroad Cut Cleanup - November 2nd rain date November 16th. 


Compass School - Tom did an orienteering course and they should be donating.


Bolting - Concern about Stone Arch bridge being a historic landmark. Lots of bolts at Hewes. Questions about if Cheri and Chris were ok with bolts at Hewes. Email from Cheri to board previously said they were ok with top anchors out of sight over the edge.. 


Kiosks - Build one for Hewes and one for Railroad Cut. 



Dealing with dead and dying trees at Hewes at tops of popular routes.


Tom will approach City reps about Stone Arch Bridge bolts and clean up.


George has offered to clean graffiti.


MCA Board Meeting Minutes 1/24/2019

posted Jan 26, 2019, 6:03 AM by Nick Sintros

Present - Board

Tom Sintros

Nick Sintros

Jen Dickenson

Jeff Archibald

Eric LaRoche

Mick Foot

JC Woodward


Lew Shelley

Q To C - $1200 back to cover materials for Railroad Cut Bridge

Insurance - Hadlocks says that the company we are getting our liability insurance from doesn’t do liability insurance anymore. New coverage is now $700. We must have this coverage to continue working NH Parks for Bears Den, Railroad Cut and Monadnock. This does allow us to run outings. Tom motions to pay for insurance, JC seconds. All voted in favor.

Work Done - Met with Chris Domina and looked at top anchors possible. Two flat bridges at Railroad Cut and big bridge at trench crossing. Snoriders put up signs.

Schools etc -  Dublin School - Tom and George went to check holds and put up new ropes. May be an option for MCA members.

Gilsum School, Kroka (Morgan has contacted Tom with dates), and Compass School possible outing options coming up.

Bears Den to Calhoun trail- Delayed due to possible natural resource concerns etc.

Movies- look for short movies or speakers to show a member meeting(free). Longer movie for a ticketed (fee) movie night.

Member Meeting - March 27th 6pm Antioch

MCA Movie Night - May 2nd TBD

Ice climbing outing -  Offer outing to MCA members this season.  Feb 16th meet at Elm City Bagel 9:30am

Jeff presented a draft of crag summaries, including location, access, etc. Meeting to discuss in more details to follow. Template for baseline and future work/reference.

Prioritize properties based on member survey. Jeff will send spreadsheet to board to start filling info in for each property.

MCA Board Meeting Minutes 5/8/18

posted Aug 1, 2018, 10:24 AM by Nick Sintros

Present - Board

Tom Sintros

Nick Sintros

Jen Dickenson

JC Woodward

Eric LaRoche

Mick Foot

By-laws/Mission revision - Some concern has been voiced about the organization creeping away from our mission to become a climbing club vs. land access. We don’t currently have a crisis which seems to be a reason for members not being involved. Do we change our mission/purpose to involve more activities/training

Mission(Also Article 2) - The Monadnock Climbers’ Association (MCA) is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer climbers' organization that works to build cohesive relationships with landowners, conservation groups, advocacy groups, and state and local governments to keep climbing areas open and conserve the climbing environment in southwest New Hampshire and surrounding areas. And build a strong local climbers community. Not voted on.

Purpose- No Changes


By-law revision

Article 6 Section 1C - Change to- All officers shall serve a term of 2 years. President and Secretary terms alternate by 1 year from Vice President and Treasurer.

Nick makes a motions Mick seconds. All voted in favor.

Member survey/involvement - Discussed membership expiration. Record keeping is difficult with the joint and MCA only membership

  • Ideas to promote activities

  • Answer questions about insurance coverage

  • Areas members are concerned about

  • Do members want more group climbing/activities

  • New crags and areas such as Fall Mountain

  • Group trips to EVO, Bratcave or Central Rock

  • “Bio Blitz” tours of crags

  • Does WMCC or AMC have info to share regarding the one time liability insurance etc.

  1. What areas are you concerned about

  2. Would you be interested in more offerings of outings.

    1. Is weekly too often for emails or would you prefer more or less frequent for emails?

  3. Would you be willing to facilitate/lead an after work or weekend climbing event (what’s the liability of this?)

  4. What kinds of climbing events are you interested in? weekend/half day.

  5. Are you interested in group trips to gyms?

  6. Are you interested in non climbing offerings. Beer drinking, hiking, touring of climbing areas.

  7. Are there areas you have climbed or are aware of climbing areas that we should work on climbing access.

  8. What would you like to see the MCA doing? What did we miss?

  9. What would get you involved?

Monadnock Conservancy - Tom tried to get in touch with Ryan Owen about blazing trail at Marlow. Kroka did some clean up. Tom will reach out to Ryan again.

Swanzey - Domina Family - We will schedule a meeting with them possibly in August to discuss issues their. Including kiosk, anchors and issues of dead trees.

MCA Board Meeting Minutes 2/27/18

posted Mar 2, 2018, 5:45 PM by Nick Sintros

Present - Board

Tom Sintros

Nick Sintros

Jen Dickenson

JC Woodward

Ben Greene

Eric LaRoche


Lew Shelley

Annual Work Plan(s) for State on Bear's Den, RR Cut and Mt Monadnock
Bears Den AWP

  • Trails

    • Continue to maintain existing trails and documentation with photos etc.

    • Explore options to continue the trail up the steep slope

    • Hardening and drainage towards the base of the hill just past the pot holes

  • Signage

    • Signs at terminus of new trail to indicate the end of trail etc and points of interest

    • Erect kiosk adjacent to the parking lot.

  • Type and ownership of improvements

    • Add signage to existing AWP

  • Schedule of operations

    • Trail work weekend of May 18-20

    • Signage and trail cleanup Sept 29-30

    • Fall cleanup Nov 3-4

  • Not of officers changing after AWP due. We will update.

Railroad Cut

  • Sean from Trail Bureau gave go ahead to put in bridges where needed a the Railroad Cut

  • Continue work with Snoriders to maintain drainage

  • Kiosk and signage for both snowmobilers and climbers about the relationship.

Monadnock State Park

  • Patrick would like us to check out areas that we know climbers use particularly for Black Precipice area

Annual member/meeting/film night/election announcement

  • Hot Aches Wide Boyz II for member night $100 for 50 people

  • Look into DirtBag movie for a seperate movie night.

  • Meeting date April 4th. Deadline for members to send in interest for officer position April 11th. Ballot for officer election sent out by April 13th. Deadline for officer election voting April 18th. Send ballot to fill remaining board positions April 20th. Deadline for board position voting April 25th.

Ryan Owen of Monadnock Conservancy

  • Create an agreement with MC and Domina family for basic work, signage, trail maintenance etc.

  • Similar agreement for Marlow

  • Tom will talk to Ryan about getting “climbing” added to the easement for Marlow and Hewes

Nick will contact Access Fund for event pricing for member meeting.

Tom thanked Bob and Andy for their time and service to the board.

MCA Board Meeting Minutes 1/8/18

posted Jan 13, 2018, 7:59 AM by Nick Sintros

Present - Board

Tom Sintros

Nick Sintros

Bob Bedaw

Ben Greene

JC Woodward

Jeff Archibald (arrived after treasurer vote)


George Adams

Jen Dickenson

Bob motion to nominate JC as treasurer. Tom 2nds. All voted in favor.

Nick will update the board member section of the web site.

We are looking for 1 alternate positions to be filled.

Member meeting March 21st. Deadline 3/28 to put in for nomination. Voting closes April 7th

We should look at the library as a venue for films.

Monadnock Conservancy has asked for a basic outline of work plans. We suggest water bars, trail blazing, kiosk info and trail maintenance. Hewes items would have to be approved directly by Chris Domina and the Swanzey Open Space Committee.

We will start creating work plans for each property in Team Drive.

Tom will check with the Monadnock Conservancy to check about Natural Resource Inventory at Hewes. Do they follow a trail building standard or parameters.

We have approval from the State to put in bridges next to the railroad path for climbs and access but not yet on the trail in from parking. JC will get owner info from tax maps.

Kroka is having two climbing days with the AMC and Kroka is donating $300 for each day to MCA. Feb 20th and 21st

The board is supportive of possibly hosting a regional LCO meeting with the Access Fund possibly at Badger.

MCA Board Meeting Minutes 11/21/17

posted Nov 23, 2017, 5:04 PM by Nick Sintros

The MCA Board Meeting Minutes 11/21/17

Present - Board

Tom Sintros

Nick Sintros

Andy Felegara

Jeff Archibald

Bob Bedaw

Nick will contact Brendan at the KSC outing club to check on projection and computer.

Nick will contact Access Fund about event pricing for membership

Tom made motion to accept Ken’s resignation Jeff seconds. All voted in favor

Tom will email board about flling Treasurer position. If position isn’t filled by an existing board member we will have to put it out to membership.

Bob made a motion to nominate JC Woodward for the board alternate position. Andy seconds. All voted in favor.

Nick will create board email account for JC.

Jeff talked about ideas for listing and keeping track of resources for local crags and projects/planning. Nick will setup Google Team Drive to start creating a collection of info.

MCA Board Meeting Minutes 10/10/17

posted Oct 17, 2017, 5:52 AM by Nick Sintros

Present - Board

Tom Sintros

Nick Sintros

Eric LaRoche

Andy Felegara


JC Woodward

YMCA MCA members climbing night 7 to 8:30 Eric will post a recurring event on the facebook page.

Andy spoke to John Sykes and Jim Shimberg. We should throw out dates to them and they will say what works for them. November 30th or December 7th. Night Owl Cafe would be a good venue.

Tom will talk to Melinda at Keene State about Outing Club’s involvement in the trail days.

Joe is resigning he has gotten a new job which has changed his availability and JC is interested in being the alternate. This should be on the agenda for next meeting to vote with a quorum.

Eric has contacted Mountain Project and they have ok’d us facilitating posting of our local crags. Eric will write up crag info.

Tom will talk to MC about posting route info for Marlow and Hewes.

Eric will post to the MC facebook page to see about spending the Q2C grant money

JC is going to look into the property adjacent to the railroad right of way for the railroad cut to put up a kiosk.

Tom will check on availability of the Antioch Community room for Jan 23rd or 25th for membership meeting. Invite Mike from Access Fund, EMS, State and MC.

Nick will try to find a short movie to show at the member meeting.

Tom will contact Don Mellor about doing a self rescue clinic in early November.

Tom will contact Ken about involvement.

Nick will send email to the board to fill board vacancy by either JC and Lew

Tentative next board meeting November 7th 7PM.

Board Meeting Minutes 9/5/17

posted Sep 9, 2017, 5:58 PM by Nick Sintros

Board Meeting Minutes 9/5/17

Present - Board

Tom Sintros

Nick Sintros

Eric LaRoche

Bob Bedaw

Andy Felegara

Jeff Archibald

Ben Greene


JC Woodward

Concerns about posting info regarding Bears Den and others areas.

Tom spoke about concerns related to board email thread and posting route info online and in print. Tom contacted Patrick and Patrick’s opinion is that it would be a good idea to not post info at this point for Bears Den until things are clearer. Ultimately this is Tara’s call. Patrick suggests anyone that wants to do any sort of guide should contact Tara directly.

Eric- We can request route info is withheld from Mountain Project.

Board Resignations

Resignations must be in writing.

Upcoming event planning, trail work, PR, etc.

  • Trail Day Bears Den 24th - Patrick has requested we brush in the old trail.

  • Tom will talk to Rick to schedule another day at Marlow

  • Eric will schedule a post to go out a week before on Facebook

  • Bob is contacting Tara and Patrick about putting out PR for trail day

  • Tom will contact the Sentinel after the State approves.

  • Nick will send another email to membership and KSC Outing Club contact

  • Ben will contact Sno Riders for more info.

Strategic plans for Allen Mine and Cheese Cut

Nick sent JC map locations to start looking at land owners for these two locations. Mick Foot has expressed interest in helping with Allen Mine.

Tom has previously had a conversation with the Allen Mine land owner. He was concerned about liability coverage.

Grants, where we are at.

Waiting for receipt from MC to request reimbursement for Q to C grant.

Tom will ask about using some funds to cover insurance

Communication and mission, how to involve members more effectively -

List on website crags that we oversee and the owners wishes as we know them. Eric will write up for next meeting.

List areas on Mountain Project?

Quarterly newsletter? Tie in with sponsors

Tom makes a motion that the board will relay open climbing events as a community event that is not sponsored by the MCA. Ben seconds. All voted in favor (Jeff was not present for vote)

Annual "giving" campaign/sponsors/donors, etc.?

Send membership notice after our upcoming trail events etc. Set a fundraising goal after getting finance info from treasurer.

Sponsors - EMS, Badger?

Other(Sykes-Shimberg?) Andy will contact Sykes about specific timing and cost.

Next Board meeting October 3rd 7pm Antioch.

Meeting Minutes 8/15/17

posted Aug 18, 2017, 5:10 PM by Nick Sintros

The MCA Board Meeting Minutes 8/15/17

Present - Board

Tom Sintros

Nick Sintros

Eric LaRoche

Bob Bedaw

Andy Felegara

Jeff Archibald


Lew Shelley

New issues concerning Bear's Den

Patrick has requested that no new routes or hardware be installed at Bears Den.

Patrick has said that the State is responsible for fielding complaints about things that are happening in the Park.

Bears Den Trail Day Sept 24th 9am Long pants, gloves. Heavy rain cancels. Light rain OK.

Nick will create a repository for the trail tracking photos. Bears Den new trail has been photographed.

Climbing night at YMCA Will probably start Monday 7-8:30pm nights when school starts back up.

Cheese Cut

Andy spoke with Craig Chamberlain and said he is happy to allow foot traffic on the land for the Cheese Cut.

Three R Realty owns the cliff.

3 R Realty & Investment Company

55 Bennett Drive

Brattleboro, VT 05301

Phone: (802) 257-7971

Allen Mine

Access Fund has previously recommended partnering with a land trust. Access Fund has a minimum parking requirement

We would like to start a committee to look at this and partner with the Monadnock Conservancy.

Trail work at Marlow and Hewes

No news from Rick about Marlow or Hewes

Membership: MCA is up to 57 members

MCA Board Meeting Minutes 6/7/17

posted Jun 12, 2017, 11:59 AM by Nick Sintros

The MCA Board Meeting Minutes 6/7/17


Present - Board

Tom Sintros

Nick Sintros

Bob Bedaw

Eric LaRoche

Andy Felegara

Joe Frigo

Jeff Archibald



Lew Shelley

JC Woodward

Jeff Speigler


Insurance and coverage for posting events even if we aren’t “leading” them. Bryan recommends contacting Philadelphia insurance. Put a disclaimer on any postings.


Bears Den Update

  • Patrick wasn’t comfortable with where the trail went above the caves. He was comfortable to base of the first cliff.

  • Lew mentions that the steeper part is very technical to build because of the steepness. The State is meeting Tuesday the 13th to talk about this new trail.

  • After the new trail is open we will block the old trail and remove flags and and signage and kiosk

  • Possible to start work in July



  • Working with Rick from MC to work on trail options



  • Not much work required here for trails possibly some water bars.


Tom will talk to Stow and the insurance company about disclaimer for any postings.


Social event at Badger possibly


Nick will start doing trail photos.


Cheese Cut land is completely shut down!


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